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Founded in 2001, TOR has grown by leaps and bounds and has been setting new industry standards in both performance and technical innovation. Starting out with only ability, enthusiasm and a clear vision of destination, our team has earned every single reputation.

  Industrial Rope Access Systems

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  Motivated, highly-trained experts committed to their work

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Tradesmen On Rope Cockle Bay Sydney
Tradesmen On Rope Cockle Bay Sydney

Our Team

Picture of Craig Morton,

Craig Morton,


Craig is the founder of TOR. He ensures the TOR team delivers the best results in the rope access business, and maintains its exemplary safety record. As an avid mountaineer, using rope to access difficult areas is second nature to Craig.

Picture of Golds Mitchell,

Golds Mitchell,

Rope Technician

An extreme sports enthusiast in his spare time, "Golds - as we call him, is a fully licensed and vastly experienced painter. He has an enormous pride in his work.

Picture of Donna Bennett,

Donna Bennett,

Office Manager

Rather than dangling off the side of buildings, Donna keeps her feet on the ground (except when she is floating through powder on her snowboard). She manages the administration at TOR and ensures we maintain a great business relationship with our clients and suppliers.

The benefits of rope access cleaning

  • Covering all angles through rope access
  • Continuity of work during industrial rope access services
  • Guaranteed safety during rope access cleaning
  • Enjoy excellent results rope access services

Rope activities date back to many years ago when initially they were used for recreational activities such as rock climbing as well as bungee jumping. The increase in high rise buildings around the globe has also seen the need for rope access services given the height of the buildings especially during repair and maintenance as well as cleaning. It is in this light that the industry has seen the need to get professionals who are able to provide the required services without putting anyone at risk.

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