industrial rope access

Industrial Rope Access Systems

TOR has installed numerous rope access systems across Australia.

TOR has extensive experience installing the following rope access systems:

• Roof jockey compact
• Roof Jockey variants
• Ring bolts/ Eye bolts / Bolted plate brackets
• Port Stations
• Derrick Arms and extensions
• Rope Access Platform
• Needle Arm and pin jibs
• Designed Lifting Plates
• Counter weight baskets
• Fswr slide anchors
• Chain anchors and more...

The beauty about industrial rope access systems is the fact that it is flexible enough to make it easy for the user to gain access to the hard to reach places. Most people also love the portability aspect which allows you to carry it and move it from one location to the next with much ease.

Rope systems require very little time to assemble and setup, as well as dismantle it. This makes it very easy to get on with the required duties within a short time. The work gets done very fast which helps in minimising any obstruction to the normal operations. Experts agree on the fact that the basic features are what make this system the best now and for generations to come.