Industrial rope access for residential services


If your home requires repairs or maintenance in areas that other tradesmen are unable to access or if the job is too big for other tradesmen, TOR can get the job done.

TOR will determine the most appropriate and cost effective method of access to complete the job to a high standard.

Industrial rope access can be used for a wide variety of residential applications.

By using rope access techniques we can offer a job well done, without the inconvenience of other methods of access.
On top of that, you could save up to 75%


We have a dedicated residential division for the smaller but no less important contracts including but not limited to:

- All areas of repairs and maintenance

- Window and facade cleaning

- Painting and decorating

- Pest control

- Antennae/aerial and cable installation and removal.

The introduction of rope access is definitely a great move that aims to make work easier while providing people with affordable options that they can use. This is mainly very ideal when it comes to repairs and maintenance of buildings. The scope is wider as more industries find the need for the services which may include exterior paintings as well as sign servicing. Taking time delve deeper into the topic gives you a perfect opportunity to find out the main features that make this technique very popular among people in the world today. They include,

• Flexible and very portable

The beauty about the industrial rope access system is the fact that it is flexible enough to make it easy for the user to gain access to the hard to reach places. Most people also love the portability aspect which allows you to carry it and move it from one location to the next with much ease.

• Environmental friendly

The need for environmental friendly products in the market is on the rise in a bid to preserve the environment for the future generations. This is what the rope access cleaning system aims to accomplish. This is given the fact that it does not rely on any fuel option including electricity in order to function. This makes it very ideal because it can be used in all environments.

• Very robust and effective

It is interesting to note that the rope system requires very little time to assemble as well as dismantle it. This makes it very easy to set up and get on with the required duties within a short time. The work gets done very fast which helps in minimizing any obstruction to the normal operations. Experts agree on the fact that the basic features are what make this system the best now and for generations to come.