Commercial Painting Commercial Cleaning
Regular cleaning of your building’s exterior can help maintain its value by refreshing its appearance and extending its lifespan. Whether it’s concrete, sandstone, bricks, blocks or tiles.

Commercial Painting

Painting and Sealants.
TOR can offer a new cost effective program that will save you not only on time but also lower costs. With a sound understanding of what is needed to complete tasks of this nature TOR provides the latest in technology in advise and use of products.

TOR also provides a team of highly trained painting specialist to complete any job that is needed.
TOR has complete a full range of diverse painting job and use the following techniques to achieve this.

1. Sand Blasting
2. Manual rust removal
3. Chemical removal
4. Sanding
5. High pressure cleaning
6. Air /alcohol /Ketone cleaning

1. Trowel
2. All textures
3. Rolled /Brushwork
4. Air sprayed
5. Airless Spraying

1. Buildings/monuments/churches

Electrical and Telecommunications

1. Cable tray installation
2. Cabling Tele/power
3. Electrical works
4. Microwave installation
5. Panel antae removal/installation
6. Neon sign design an installation
7. Painted signs
8 Banner and skin installations

Specialised Services

1. Close visual inspections
2. Conditions surveys and reports
3. Digital photo reports
4. Crack/fault mapping
5. Determination of line, level and plumb
6. Photo and video documentation
7. Full CAD and graphics capabilities
8. Photogrammetry and rectified photography
9. Crack gauge mapping.
10. Ultrasonic thickness gauging
11. Wall tie population surveys
12. Investigation of cavity conditions
13. Confined space capabilities /micro
14. Core, mortar and other materials sampling
15. Carbonation testing
16. Hammer sounding
17. Fibre-optic investigation use of the see snake
18. Non-destructive testing techniques are utilized when necessary or
19. suitable to the project. Should invasive probes be undertaken,
20. appropriate repairs are made before leaving the site.